About The Today Card

The Today Card(.com) was created by Kevin Van Lierop (@kvl) after he had enough with the standard horizontal index cards that simply did not fit the way he completed work.

Wanting a card with a vertical orientation1 and a layout of markings that fit the way he worked, Kevin designed cards that provided him with time to focus less on his to-do list and more on making, creating and doing.

The cards found here at The Today Card(.com) are cards that Kevin has used at one time or another and that he wanted to share with others trying to do better work.

Want to know more about The Today Card(.com)? Check out answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Why ‘The Today Card’?

The title ‘The Today Card’ comes from a post written by Patrick Rhone about one part of his productivity work flow. While many people (including myself) have used index cards to complete tasking for years I’d say that it was Merlin Mann who brought the idea into mainstream online geek culture with his Hipster PDA.

If you plan on making the most out of the ‘Dashed’ Today Cards check out the dash/plus action process from Patrick Rhrone.

  1. note: do you know how hard it is to find a standard 3″x5″ Index Card in a vertical orientation? They are non-existant. Sure, there are hacks to create them from larger cards but that’s a lot of work and I don’t have the time if I want to focus on creating great things. []