Appendix B: Scholarship

In support of my professional practice, I participate in scholarship opportunities which better inform the understanding I have of myself and the action I take. Taking the form of formal education, non-formal training experiences and self-directed growth opportunities I have found great value in a broad spectrum of learning opportunities. Although they may seem disconnected and inconsistent to some, the variety of scholarship opportunities presented have helped to shape the understanding I have of myself as an individual and practitioner.


Although not a requirement for teaching adults, I take great pride in holding the designation of Ontario Certified Teacher. The “skills, knowledge, trust and responsibilities” which form are foundation of this certification are directly related and transferrable to my role as an adult educator. Believing that a Bachelor of Education is in many ways an applied communications degree, providing both the theory and practical tools to communicate with individuals of varying needs and abilities, I view this certification as an extension of this core beliefs that inform how I choose to interact with adult learners.

Degrees, Diplomas and Transcripts

Although not planned at its onset, the path through formal academia I have taken to arrive where I am today has been an interconnected journey. This journey could have only resulted based on the scholarship choices I have made to date. Academically a high achiever, I have developed an expertise in navigating the process of formal academia to help me reach the goals I set out to obtain. When captivated by a topic and curious about every element of its makeup, I fully invest the time, energy and focus to deeply learn about it and as a result complete the related academic tasks required. Although I found myself initially attending university at a time when I should not have been there, disinterested in the field of study (history) itself, the curiosity I have for learning can be found throughout the completion of my degrees and diploma.

Personal Inventories

Completed as part of professional development, coaching sessions and reflective practice, the inventories collected here have informed a deeper understanding of who I am as an individual and practitioner. Consistent among various inventories are themes related to being a nurturer and focusing on the needs of those I serve, being an analytical thinker in trying to best understand the problems I face, and an approach to learning both in professional practice and life founded upon a natural curiosity which raises questions such as, “what if?”, “why?”, “why not?” and “how can we?” Although conflicts exist between identified traits, an analytical and scientific approach to problem solving and the often-unsystematic approaches working with learners requires as a nurturer and teacher with a developmental focus, I have found that in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each I can leverage and balance them to create a more fulfilling practice.

Professional Development

In support of the roles I have held over the past decade, the professional development opportunities included here and those included in my Resume focus primarily on two main areas. In support of the Community Leadership strand of my practice I focus time and attention on defining myself as a leader. Developing the skills and abilities required to lead in community settings, I have identified how my unique traits can complement those of others while supporting collaborative change. In support of my Civic Engagement efforts, learning opportunities have centred on more traditional practices of community development and engagement. Understanding the theories driving more formalized development practices has helped me to establish a working rapport with other practitioners to co-create meaningful development opportunities.