graphic of geek glasses


For one night only, veterans of Geek Dinner London are getting together to reminisce about the days past and those yet to come.

  • Date: Wednesday February 4th, 2015
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: 121 Studios (121 Dundas St, London)
  • BYOE: Bring Your Own Everything1

More than 10 years ago a group of ‘introverted loners’ got together, apprehensively, at Molly Bloom’s for some beer and nachos. Hiding behind computer screens, ball caps and social media handles, the group slowly expanded, with attendees coming and going, to form a tight-knit community which forms a portion of the core digital media ‘personalities’ in #ldnont today.

Since that very first meeting, venues have changed, annual events have taken place, new communities have form and people have come and gone. Geek Dinner has helped to grow and connect a diverse group of engaged geeks, nerds and social media ninjas (self proclaimed).

As it was remembered by veterans and long-time regulars, Geek Dinner London has slowly dwindled and no longer exists in the same form. Survived by Geeks of London, a dedicated group of engaged geeks continues to gather on a monthly basis. But it isn’t the same.

Like your graduating high school class of 1989, we wanted to have a reunion, for the geeks we ‘grew up’ with.

This is that reunion.

  1. We scrapped the original idea of organizing food and drinks for people as there wasn't enough interest. Now you have to fend for yourself.